June 22, 2016

Legion: more information on professions

At BlizzCon, developers had announced availability of the beta before the end of the year. Last night the first build Legion appeared on Blizzard servers., the following information may therefore prove inaccurate because they were taken from the game files. Just as nothing is set in stone and that everything can change overnight.

Tooltips on objects only work in some cases, as many names of objects and spells are temporary.

With this first patch, I am pleased to announce a long series of articles to come in the weeks since all this will evolve to exit the game. If you wish to learn more about new models as , raids, maps and others, I invite you to go on Wowhead and MMO-Champion.


  • It seems that there is more revenue casting time.
  • The course to reach the trades is 800 points.
  • As announced at BlizzCon, recipes now have ranks (1 to 3 stars).


Great battle cauldrons are back, they allowed the time to combine several bottles into a cauldron (like the Big Cauldron of Battle). Each member of the raid could be used after in to have his own bottle.
The new grant vials 400 to one of your characteristic, as the Flask of the Pact Whispered or Flask of the Seventh Demon.


The new boss Leystone Hoofplates, you’ll be able to increase the speed of your 20% mount. This effect does not work in Arena or Battleground. The forge is now operating under the new rand system, you have rows of bosses 1,2 or 3.
You can forge a set of 8 pieces of armor.


The enchantment adopt the same model as Warlords of Draenor, you have to ring enchants, cloak and neck. Some ring enchantments will bring up your side creatures helping you fight your enemies.


Dozens of new gadgets are available. For now we only have the names of objects created no effect.


As at the time of Buring Crusade, some plants have cosmetic effects. Here at this time the names of various plants:

  • Aethril
  • Dreamleaf
  • Foxflower
  • Fjarnskaggl
  • Starlight Rose
  • felwort

The ranking system allows you to increase efficiency. Rank 1 lets you pick faster, rank 2 may grant you rare components while the rand 3 allows you to get more plants in each collection.


As announced in my previous article, the major glyphs disappear. Minor glyphs can increase a specific fate against a Boss. Most often the glyph increases by 10% a lot against a specific boss.


Prospecting has returned to Legion with new gems:

  • skystone
  • Deep Ambe
  • Azsunite
  • Queen’s Opal
  • Maelstrom Sapphire
  • Shadowruby


You can make accessories for your pets, leashes, mat or bed Again we find this system of ranks 3 in the design of objects. No details yet.


Just like herbalism, mining, according to the ranks will increase the number of minerals and components.


Like the mining and herbalism, work Leather allows you to increase the number of pelts harvested.


The new Legion fabric is called Skillweave, and early indications we could again create folders.

Secondary Professions

Little information on secondary jobs, we have new bandages. In fishing, the craft looks more dynamic, you will catch strange Murlocs after your hook!